You gotta understand that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit - Erykah Badu


You gotta understand that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit - Erykah Badu




I am a reader. I am a writer. People assume I do these things to escape. You couldn’t be more right. I’m escaping a world I don’t like. A world I have no control in. In this world, I am nothing. I am a color, a height, a weight, a number. But in the world of books and writing, I am amazing. I am powerful. I am different. People are better. Worlds are endless. Change is possible. Life is manageable.




Am I the only one who writes fanfiction in their head when they’re trying to sleep?

Someone understands me

no no i make fanfiction movies in my head





Why do I read all the fucked up fanfics? ;-; Like nobody can be happy and live a normal life. I get the distraught, authors love to torture their readers, sad, crying ass fanfics!!!!!



im guilty of this


He Ain’t Shit But I Still Fuck wit Him Doe: A Memoir

Me: hi
Character: hi
Me: i love you
Character: bad things are gonna happen to me, aren't they
Me: yes
Character: bring it on
I AM CRYING. WHY? My best friend got tix to the #LegendsOfTheSummer tour and she is taking little old me!!!!!

Justin baby? Im coming for you!

Watch out!!!!

me streaming Justin Timberlake’s ‘The 20/20 Experience’….

Sunday, March 3, 2013 - You may be overwhelmed with the depth of your emotions today, yet it’s challenging to put your feelings into words. You feel more connected with your friends or family now, but you might not understand why everyone is being so nice to you. Don’t fight the positive vibrations; there is nothing to fear. Be courageous and open your heart to accept the love that’s all around you, even if you aren’t sure that you fully deserve it.


Gwworrrllll, look at you now. You’re far from old though, you just reached the last milestone in your life that wont make you depressed, as far as birthdays go lol. 

I just wanted to get something off my chest, though you’ll probably never read this, I just need to say it. Im proud of you. Very proud. So proud that it may take forever for me to list all of them. You achieved your dream of being the Black Madonna, but you also have made a name for yourself. The next big stars will wanna be you. You have been a mainstay in the industry for almost 10 years and you should be so proud of yourself. You have accomplished so much despite everything you have been through. People expected you to just lay down and take it but you refused. Im happy for you and I hope you are happy too. Thats what we all want at the end of the day right?

Im not saying it was an easy ride, far from it. Especially this past year, you opened up and showed us the real you. You left your heart open and out there for everyone to see. And they tried it, didnt they? They tried to tear your heart to pieces because you were just being honest. You wanted a forbidden type of love, you couldnt lie to yourself anymore about not wanting it. 

People say that you arent a role model. You have even said so and I dont blame you. Its a lot of responsibility, raising other peoples kids lol. People take that word too literally. You are more than just a role model. To me, you are my inspiration. You have also been my muse and my therapist over the past few years. We have been through the same things and you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I hope I have the same Fate. You taught me a lot of things, to not give a phuck, follow your dreams, take risks but especially to be honest with yourself, be happy with yourself. SPEAK YOUR MIND EVEN WHEN YOUR VOICE SHAKES. You taught me about forgiveness, that I can still have a happily ever after even if my love story was more of a tragedy. Anything is possible, anything can happen if you work for it. And gworl you betta werk. ;)

Again, happy birthday. I dont care where you are, who you are with or what you’re doing but I hope you are having the best day ever. You deserve it.

Sincerely Your Biggest Stan

amberray18 said: where r u?

i like to remain anonymous…but im wearing red and ima leave it at that ;)

Club Nation posted the pics from my bday with Stevie J and Joseline. If you look closely you can see me in a couple pics ;) Lol crazy

ok…so you all have been waiting long enough…

…had a blast in the A. My birthday was friday and I never dreamed that it turned out the way it did! So I mentioned that I met someone that we all know pretty well. 

Here are some clues before I spill the beans:
He lives in the A
Hes famous for being in the A
Hes a he lol

Still dont know?……

Ok here goes…..

I met Stevie J and Joseline from LHHATL!

We went out to Harlem Nights downtown and it was everybody’s fucking birthday there lol. Everytime the DJ said ‘if its your bday, put your drink in the air’ me and 34567072 people would do it. It was a huge Aquarian blowout. Aquarians can fucking party!!!! Never clubbed in Atlanta before so I was surprised to see people just smoking blunts right out in the open! It was awesome. We were high and drunk AF!

And when they played Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’, I swear the club turned into a riot. THAT IS MY JAM!

In the front of the club, they were filming a scene for season 2 of LHHATL. I was in the background while Joseline ‘fought’ with some random chick. You know that shit is staged when they are fighting one minute and chatting the next. Me and my crew made our way closer just to see the action. Cameras were all around, it was kinda easy. So if you see Joseline fighting some girl in a white halter top and you see a girl with a red dress in the background…thats me lol. 

Oh and I HAVE to say Joseline’s hair is LAID this season! Shes very pretty in person.

So yeah once they finished filming, they were in the DJ booth, partied a little and then they were on their way out. I was on their way out. Joseline was escorted out first. Her bodyguard was on her left side helping her through the crowd. She wont remember this but she bumped into me and said “sowwy”.

I kid you not, thats how she said it!

Stevie wasnt right behind her, I thought he disappeared through a back door but there he was coming through the crowd. I had Ciroc, champagne and a few blunts so I was bold. 

I said HI.

If hi is bold….

…but it was bold enough. He stopped smiled at me and said ‘hi’, he shook my hand and hugged me and my sister and then he walked off. It happened so fast I couldnt get a picture!

i cant lie. I was hype. He was actually very quiet and slipped out. 

But it was a great birthday. Never thought that would happen. I went to the Battle of the Bands the next day and Brandy performed. I was hoping Chrez would have performed with her but no. But she did good and her hair was LAID hunty!

I also wanna say thanks again for all the bday wishes. I cant believe all the love I got. This time last year, no one read my stories or knew who I was. Now I have made so many friends and gotten so much feedback. Thanks again.

Im going to bed now. Driving for 10 hours wears a girl out. Im gonna write Pisces as soon as I can think straight I promise!


so you all told me to paint the town red last night…

…and I did!

And you’ll never guess who I got the chance to meet…

…go ahead and guess tho…