I AM CRYING. WHY? My best friend got tix to the #LegendsOfTheSummer tour and she is taking little old me!!!!!

Justin baby? Im coming for you!

Watch out!!!!

we found love and where have you been still make me happy whenever i hear it



How to make them happy:

  • read a book with them
  • ask them for advice
  • thank them when they support you in a tough situation
had a busy day, just getting home. Ive been out with the fam at a naming ceremony. Im half Native American and I got my NA name today. Its Blossoming Butterfly. Not too far off from my writing alias. It was awesome, its an experience I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. :)

its kinda late so if I dont update tonight, I will tomorrow. 

AHHH! I now have 800 followers!!!

I wanna thank all the recent Chrianna fans, fellow fanfic writers & cool ass random blogs that have followed me recently! And everyone who reads “Pisces” and “Aries”, you get bonus points! MUAH #1LOVE

"pink lipstick all on the paper…" :)


Ima post part 1 of chapter 40 cuz Im happy 

Rihanna retweeted this yesterday…


I’m Glad I Started Writing Fan Fics


  1. It Gets My Mind Off The Fact I’m Not In School Anymore
  2. Helps Me Express Myself & How I’m Feeling
  3. I’ve Made So Many New Friends <3
  4. Makes Me Feel Good People Actually Like My Stories

Really Happy I Started This, I Thought I Would Never Do This But Hey Look At Me Now. You Gotta Start Somewhere :)

Happiness is a choice. Choose what makes you happy and go along with that. Someone tells you that you cant? Go somewhere else, talk to someone else that supports your choice. ♥

Justin Timberlake 30 Day Challenge

Day 30. Your special message to Justin

Damn what else can I say that I haven’t said already?

I’m proud of you. I’m so very proud of you. You have been performing professionally for almost 20 years now and you are still going strong. A lot of performers would kill for that longevity. And people still miss you! They miss your music. I do too. But I want you to be happy. Whether its music, acting, playing golf or getting high and drunk. I want you to be happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Because I know deep down that’s what you are after. This may be crazy but I want that longevity to continue. If I cant marry you and literally grow old with you, I want to grow old with you from afar and still see you perform when we are both 60, 70, hell even 80. You have taught me so much. You taught me that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Put your best and your all in everything. Take risks. And if that thing that you thought was so good turns sour…its ok to cry but you have to get back up, brush yourself off and dance like no one is watching. Never give up and strive for your dreams, even if they are a one in a million chance - like performing at Madison Square Garden. Again, I am proud of you. Im proud that you haven’t lost your head, well at least publicly, through all your stress, through your ups, downs, highs, lows and heartbreaks. I love that you are still a mama’s boy, have respect for women and have stayed sweet, funny and humble throughout everything. You looked at me once. Hhahah it was a concert in 1999, you and the rest of *NSYNC were singing “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” and you were sailing over the crowd. I was in 11th row and you looked at me and pointed right at me. I will never forget that. Though I know you have, but its ok lol. I would love to get to know you one day. The real you. You may never read this message but if my dreams come true, like you say they will if I keep working hard, then maybe I’ll see you one day at the Oscars, and we’ll both win one. Deal? Deal.