His smile is the definition of perfection and Chris lawdd my baby Chris 😩😍

God is good!!!


His smile is the definition of perfection and Chris lawdd my baby Chris 😩😍

God is good!!!

"While I’m in this Hospital Bed"


I wonder why some of you Tumblr followers follow my blog? I hardly see any of you blogging at all. I would like to interact with y’all ya dig? I appreciate those who do hit my ask or inbox from time-to-time; sheenvelopesthenight showmeyourscars-ff thefictionreview fictionalfantasies infamouslyroggy anintimatecoincidenceff blackenedsoul-fiction jewelsgemsfic . Also a special shout to michaellottner for always liking or re-blogging my poetry post of great literary writers and poets, I salute you young brethren. If you unfollow me after you read this(that’s if you give a damn anyways)I gives no fucks your loss, and blessings to you regardless. For those who stay on my roster, maybe we can develop a professional or cordial repore. If you respond to this post I’ll be thankful I’m sorta sad😢, blessings to you all universal love!✌~ Dragonfly

feel better soon girl! i was wondering where you were! sending you positive vibes and healing! and you know this but my inbox is open to you boo always!

taaaauuuuurrrrrruuuuussss I need u

im still working on it but im not even halfway done, been so busy these past couple weeks i havent had the time, but soon! im hoping!

In which order should I read the zodiac stories?

any order you want! they’re not connected so you can start anywhere! happy reading newbie! 

any new Chrianna fanfics? I miss Pisces :[

still working on it! i’ll def let you all know when i post it!

Awww, their argument over the ratio between boys & girls was cute! Look at Leo, mothering the homeless kids... getting practice already. Lawd, Toni works w/ Leo! But, I do feel she has his best interest at heart! I wonder how much he told her about his past! There's still something about Reggie that I like! Reggie, you lil fucker. You losing right now! I want you to win! Get yo shit together! SMH, you would think after all they been through he would act right! Anyways, hope all is goodw/ you?

Poor Reggie, get yo shit together and Poor Toni, she doesnt know what shes getting into! Or does she? We’ll see! Im ok been overworked these past few weeks. Ugh lol thanks for the feedback boo! foolforyous

Leo is getting so damn good! I agree with the person before on how you have all these characters tied to each is so good! If Toni didn't like Leo before, she really won't like her if she were to ever get her memories back...Portia and Reggie's story is so sad but I see that Corey may be able to slide in sooner or later. I can't wait to Leo's memories get triggered (hopefully by Michael) so Kenny could make his exit! *Patiently waits for next chapter*

thank you so much! so glad you’re excited for the next chapter! stay tuned and thanks for the feedback anonie!

Waiiiiiiit michael is shacking up with leo's friend? Omfg this just got more juicy & complicated *gets popcorn*

you caught that? and they’re not exactly friends but yeah…shit’s getting real bruh! 

thanks for the feedback anonie!

Wow I Didn't Know Their History Was That Deep Thats So Sad She Lost The Baby Smhh But I Hope Michael Doesn't Completely Move On & Tries To Help Leo Regain Her Memory Damn Thats Was Great 👏

yes girl it was that deep smh, they are the black notebook. thanks for the feedback s0cietiesmenace

the way you tie everyone together is just AMAZING!!! the queen strikes again! great update...i cant wait to see what happens
i dont like reggie but i feel bad for him, portia too. sad but good chapter girl.

aww sorry to make you sad! we all have our battles tho and now we know what reggie’s and portia’s is. thanks for the feedback anonie!



she was in so much pain bless her heart



How can I read the prologue to Leo... I didn't know Aug was in it... He's a Virgo... Can you post the links. I'm on mobile..

yea hes not gonna be in virgo so i put him in this one lol

in the future just put my blog name/astro sign and that will take you to that sign’s page :) tscott19

The Zodiac: Book 8: Leo - Chapter 9 Part 1


Chapter 9

Behavior and Personality Traits
The typical Leo child:
* is sunny and friendly
* has a bottomless well of energy
* is more often on the move than still
* loves games and physical play
* when tired often falls asleep for a while
* loves to be the center of attention
* is adventurous and sometimes reckless
* likes to be waited on
* dislikes menial tasks
* loves parties
* is generous with whatever is seen as his or hers



Seeing Leo again and alive sent Michael into more of a shock than he has ever been in in awhile and he has been through some shit. When he left the Mayor’s Mansion, he sat in his car for a few minutes, lost in thought, until one of the security guards told him to leave. He nodded and with very shaky hands, which he didn’t notice until he put the car in gear, he left the mansion. He didnt know what to do so he drove around aimlessly, just thinking about her.

Leo was alive and more beautiful than ever.

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The Zodiac: Book 8: Leo Soundtrack

Chapter 9