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I need to finish reading this

lol yes please and let me know what you think!!! 

yassssssssssss your chrianna fan fictions are epic! none of that aubrih shit next time pls <3 love

lmao! thank you! #1LOVE

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and I would love to read that as for epic let me throw out an idea to you..them surviving inspite of their hectic schedule, current relationship interest, both reaching the pinnacle of their careers and being the chrianna’s we all know ‘always in love and always fighting’ lol


yes with the ‘always in love and always fighting’! we’ll see, whatever it will be it will be nothing like Pisces. I try to not make the same shit over and over lol thanks boo!

nosinz said: yea it has to be dif from Pisces too but you’ll think of something cuz their story has no ending

aint that the truth!!!!

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Are we still going to get some type of epilogue???

that was the epilogue! LOL

will you ever write another chrianna fan fiction? :(

of course just gotta figure out how to make it just as epic as pisces and finding the time. just dont know when though at the moment

Are you done writing Pisces now?? I love that story so much :)

lol yeah i finished it but if you havent, i suggest you do!

do you know of any dupes for mac riri woo?? thanks, it's all sold out :( absolutely love this blog, btw, thanks for everything you do!


MAC riri woo:

Wet n Wild spotlight red (more sheen)

Revlon really red (cooler)

Rimmel #111 (glossier)

aaaaand ofcourse MAC’s ruby woo is very similar:

and thank you so much :)



April Submitted Short Challenge
hosted by fictionalfantasies

Thank you for the positive feedback on this idea! If this month goes well, I’ll make sure to do one every month for you guys. Sorry for the late start though. Got my tooth pulled so I hope you all are willing to do this in 3 weeks instead of the usual 4.

If you have no idea what Im talking about, lets get into it.

The theme for the month of April is…. fool.

So when submitting your short story it can have one or all of the following:
fool in the title
fool mentioned in the short
or the overall plot being about the word
(ie. you can write a short story called ‘foolish’ based off of ashanti’s song and I’ll even be nice and let someone use that idea. First come first serve though).

You have until April 28th to submit your short and then we’ll vote!

How do you submit?
go to fictionalfantasies and click on ‘submit here’
submit the the tumblr link to your short.
it must be visible on your blog and must be public until the challenge is over!

make sure you include your url
short description about what the short’s about, characters, etc is necessary!
banners are optional!

Submitting a short that doesnt follow the theme will be disqualified
Submitting a short without everything in the submission will be disqualified
Mind you its a short story challenge so watch the length, however theres no limit.
It cant be an excerpt from a story that already exists! Has to be original for this very challenge!
It can be erotic or sweet or as violent as you want. Be creative!
Links will be posted as they are submitted and are open to the public! Any story that is too similar to a story already submitted wont be picked sorry! 
The earlier you submit, the more time everyone has to read and the more interesting it is, its more likely to be voted on so keep that in mind.

I think thats it. I hope I explained it well. If you have questions, please dont hesitate to message me! Cant wait to see what you all come up with! 

Write on my lovelies!

- b

ps- tagging to spread the word! fanfictionpromo fanficsfoundhere fanficpromotion fanficstopshop101 promoyourfanfic iendorsethesefanfics thefictionreview thefanficnetwork 

a little over a week to submit! have you started writing yet?


I love fanfic writers because fanfiction is just so kind and selfless. You give us really enjoyable stories completely free of charge and I am really, really grateful for it.

Someone gets it! Thank you! 🙌

yaaasssss taurie get it! chris is too sprung, singing show me to her like hes entitled to see it! its only the first day in cali and they got a whole week? she gon come back knocked up with a bigger ring!

oop lol thanks for the feedback!!!! MUAH

omg that sex scene was everything. i just hope chris leaves kae after all this!

thank you! and yes lets hope this changes things but we’ll see! thanks for the feedback! MUAH

What chapters have Taurus & Chris had sex in?

lol um this past one and chapter 20 part 2

1) That nigga been hidin that freak in him 4 yrs lol. He's tryin so hard not 2 be himself 2 please the wrong ppl. Insecurity is his downfall. Just be Chris that honest dude who wears his luv on his sleeve. Don't get married 2 prove you've changed.\i/

2) Taurus needs 2 stop the damn pity party&self-scrutiny. U love this nigga&he loves u,but damn don’t play 2nd fiddle 2 a 3rd rate version of yoself FOH! Give Chris ass the ultimatum! U may win/lose him but either way bitch yo self-respect prevails!

3) Taurus knows that job ain’t holding her from being with him and she can care two shits in a bucket about Kae firing her she already let her know the bihness on that! (Who needs Who huh? )

4) She waiting for Chris to break it off come clean&confess his luv to everyone 4 her, which ain’t gonna happen till she gives him a reason to! Chris still wanna prove he ain’t the same guy he was when he was with Robyn.

5) But tbh he didn’t need to change he just needed to make better choices coz he was never a bad person despite the media scrutiny. If he is in love with Taurus he will make sure she’s gonna be alright if he chose her coz he has the power not Kae.

6) If he chose to stay with Kae he’s gonna lose Taurus in the long run completely. And he will be re - living his past again. The very one he’s trying to escape n prove he’s changed.

 = bitch ass move!

7) Once you get deeper in this story n truths revealed especially bout Jason&Kae (is that his name? ) then the tables will be turned which can produce a less dramatic n name - blaming media blowup. I hope u get all 7parts of my rant lol LOVE YA B! xo

oh right jason we forgot about him didnt we? lol thanks for all the feedback! MUAH